The Haug Partners Chemicals team has experience in a number of chemical industries, including pulp and paper, tire and rubber, automotive, and oil, gas, and fracking.

Our team’s experience in the pulp and paper industry includes intellectual property portfolio management and enforcement for paper coating formulations using novel biodegradable ingredients.

We have worked with our clients in the tire and rubber industries to develop slab dip formulations to optimize the tackiness of uncured rubber slabs and pellets for use in tire manufacturing, and our clients have utilized these formulations in their industrial manufacturing.

We have particular expertise with clients in the automotive industry, including developing sodium azide-based propellants for use in safety airbags and testing the propellant formulations for linear burn rates and thermal analysis. Our team also includes seasoned litigators who have successfully represented our automotive clients in patent and trademark infringement suits in federal district courts, before the International Trade Commission, and before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Our specialized experience in the oil, gas, and fracking industry involves patent and trademark prosecution and litigation. We have developed gasoline additive packages for optimization of fuel cleanliness and reduction of burn residues and sulfur content. We always work with our clients to achieve outcomes that protect their business information and intellectual property while allowing them to continue creating innovative technologies in the chemicals space.