Luxury, Fashion, & Beauty


Effective representation of luxury, fashion, and beauty clients requires expertise in all areas of the law. At Haug Partners, our attorneys are not only well-versed in the luxury, fashion, and beauty industry but also have expertise in intellectual property law, business law, licensing, contract negotiation and litigation. We have extensive experience representing luxury-goods companies, retail brands, apparel manufacturers, and other businesses.

While our attorneys have an understanding of the unique business issues faced by clients in this rapidly-evolving industry, Haug Partners’ attorneys know the importance of branding in the luxury, fashion, and beauty industry recognizing the need to build a strong brand and to protect that brand from counterfeiting, brand dilution and infringement.

Specializing in global brand management, licensing, anti-counterfeiting, and patent, trademark, and trade dress litigation, we work with clients worldwide to develop innovative solutions to protect their brands and to combat infringement and counterfeiting. Haug Partners’ attorneys strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients; and when necessary, our attorneys have successfully pursued counterfeiters and used litigation to enforce our clients’ intellectual property rights.