From transistors in circuits to GPS satellites in space, electronics have permeated and transformed every aspect of modern life. Regardless of transformative impact, every electronic device has one thing in common: each begins as a novel idea to overcome a prevailing problem. Forms of intellectual property such as patents are designed to protect such novel ideas. As a leading intellectual property law firm, Haug Partners is uniquely enabled to navigate the patent landscape in the electronics space, from prosecution to licensing or acquisition and litigation.

Our Electronics team understands that, like the technology underlying each patent, no two patent strategies should be alike. Haug Partners prides itself on developing strategies individually tailored for each client. We have worked with semiconductors, optoelectronics, computer architecture, energy management systems, linear synchronous motors, oil and gas industry technology (including turbomachinery and pipeline sensors), LCDs, switched mode power converters, telematics, and telecommunications and wireless communications technology. Our team includes attorneys with advanced degrees in electronic and electrical engineering, and we have extensive experience in patent procurement, due diligence, licensing, technology and IP transactions, patent valuation, and risk assessment. Our attorneys have decades of experience litigating patent infringement actions in federal district and appellate courts and before the International Trade Commission and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

At Haug Partners, we understand that the current patent landscape requires a global perspective, particularly for patent prosecution. To that end, we have cultivated a network of experienced and reliable international firms, creating a seamless experience for both our U.S. and international clients.