Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (“IoT”) involves everyday objects collecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet. Matters relating to IoT are wide-ranging, including everything from artificial intelligence systems, eHealth and telemedicine, energy, and mobile technologies to name a few. This wide range of industry sectors demonstrates the need for attorneys who have a keen understanding of the underlying technologies.

Our attorneys understands both the business opportunities and legal challenges that arise in a world where the Internet is becoming increasingly interconnected into everyday objects. With our experience and expertise, we assist clients facing the unique challenges presented by the Internet and provide solutions that allow them to navigate an ever-changing industry. The attorneys at Haug Partners have expertise in a variety of industries focusing specifically on emerging and cutting-edge technologies. With this expertise, our team is able to address the various legal issues that arise for our clients in the context of IoT.

Our approach is multidisciplinary bringing together attorneys with legal acumen in a number of areas of law – from intellectual property to commercial litigation to data security – with attorneys who have specific expertise in telecommunications, automobiles, artificial intelligence, life sciences and data management. This allows the IoT team to combine its deep understanding of commercial and business matters to more effectively provide advice and counsel to clients on IoT matters.

As existing standards and regulations governing IoT continue to change, our attorneys stay informed of any such development affecting IoT policy and work with our clients to ensure they are not just well-informed, but are able to maintain compliance, mitigate problems, and navigate legal obstacles that may impact their businesses. Companies are already navigating unique legal issues related to intellectual property, data ownership, data privacy, and cyber security, and with skilled attorneys at Haug Partners, they will be well-positioned to grow in the IoT economy.