Financial Technology


Financial technology is about much more than computers handling money—it exists at the cutting edges of business, technology, security, performance and opportunity. The result is an environment of constant innovation with billions at stake, and the need to safeguard this innovation.

For clients facing these unique challenges, Haug Partners offers a deep understanding of the financial industry. We have extensive experience advising clients in areas such as financial markets, trading platforms, data networks, security, and blockchains (including cryptocurrencies). This experience builds on our attorneys’ positions on the front lines of technology and finance, which gives us a richer understanding of our clients’ needs, the environments in which they operate, and the constraints that they face.

With this experience, we can better navigate the legal challenges that come with protecting innovations in financial technology. The current legal regime in the United States can be difficult for computer-implemented inventions, particularly those implicating mathematical concepts and (as the Supreme Court has put it) “fundamental economic practices.” By understanding the true nature and value of our clients’ innovations, Haug Partners finds the best ways to protect them.

We help our clients define and execute effective strategies for protecting their innovations, recognizing both the unique needs of the financial industry and the complexities of the patent systems in the U.S. and worldwide. We help clients to identify and manage their risks in this dynamic, competitive environment, and to negotiate deals to secure the benefits of their own intellectual property and to utilize the intellectual property of others. When necessary, we work with our litigation group to help our clients enforce their rights.

Our goal always remains to provide expert interdisciplinary legal representation to further our clients’ business strategy.