Mobile Technologies & Telecommunications


The advent of new communications technologies over the past 30 years has fundamentally changed the way people in America and globally learn, shop, socialize and conduct business.

Haug Partners understands this complex technological landscape and combines its legal acumen with its hands-on technical expertise to help both emerging and established technology companies meet these challenges head-on.

Haug Partners helps emerging companies protect and defend their technology, develop exit strategies, and navigate through the complex legal and compliance issues brought forth by disruptive technologies. We help established companies protect and defend their technology, develop new business models, and partner with or acquire emerging companies. Clients rely on Haug Partners’ experience in mobile technologies and telecommunications for patent prosecution, due diligence, licensing, counseling, and litigation. Many of our attorneys hold advanced science degrees in fields such as electronics, semiconductor device physics and fabrication technology.

For decades, Haug Partners has been on the cutting edge of electronics technology, having prosecuted high-tech patents for clients such as Carl Zeiss, Tencent, and Sony. We support clients in the creation, protection, regulatory clearance and commercialization of the cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future.

Haug Partners has experience representing clients in federal court in infringement actions involving telecommunications and mobile devices. Haug Partners has handled cases involving a variety of complex technological areas such as vehicle tracking, networked communications, vehicle sensors, GPS navigation, drone navigation, signal processing, and processor architecture. The litigation team at Haug Partners includes attorneys with a global perspective and proven trial experience.