Automotive Litigation


Haug Partners has a long history of successfully defending our clients in the automotive industry from claims of intellectual property infringement, particularly patent infringement. Our attorneys have successfully represented major automotive brands such as Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, and Ferrari in federal district courts, proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and at the International Trade Commission. Haug Partners has secured major victories for its automotive clients through its innovative approach to seeking early dispute resolution and maximizing outcomes for our clients. Today’s automobiles are remarkable achievements and among the most complex machines in the world. At Haug Partners, we seek to protect the valuable intellectual property that underlies the technology encapsulated within these automobiles and their components. The design and manufacture of a new vehicle combines technologies spanning nearly all engineering disciplines. From mechanical innovations lowering emissions, to software advances in connected and autonomous driving, to chemical advances in battery technology, automobiles connect the cutting edge of many technology sectors. Our attorneys have experience not only in automotive technologies, but in many other high-tech areas relevant to modern automotive concepts. Haug Partners understands that a single vehicle can potentially touch on thousands of patents and license agreements, and our attorneys are equipped to protect, enforce, and defend our clients from intellectual property disputes arising from such patents and licensing agreements. The Automotive Litigation team at Haug Partners includes attorneys with a global perspective, industry experience, and foreign language skills, when needed, that contribute to our success in representing our clients in a number of forums. Haug Partners also has expertise in due diligence, licensing, technology and intellectual property transactions, patent valuation, and risk assessment services for the automotive industry.