Chairman Ed Haug’s Panel at Auto IP Europe: Exploring the FRAND Litigation

October 22, 2021

On November 2nd, Chairman Ed Haug will join colleagues in Munich, Germany at the Auto IP Europe 2021 Conference. His panel, “Exploring the FRAND litigation and regulation landscape” will discuss “FRAND-related litigation and policy directly or indirectly affecting the all aspects of the auto supply chain are increasing in Europe and beyond.”

It will include an “overview of recent decisions across Europe and further afield, the evolving regulatory environment in Europe and the US” and raises the question of where the best place to resolve disputes is.

Joining Ed will be Roman Bonn, Senior Vice President of IP at Continental, Richard Fawcett, Senior Associate at Powell Gilbert, and Philipp Rastemborski, Lawyer at Meissner Bolte.

More information of the conference available here.