Haug Partners’ Copyright team focuses on all aspects of the procurement and enforcement of copyrights. Through innovative and cost-effective strategies, Haug Partners ensures that its clients are in the best position to develop, maintain, and protect their copyrightable works. Our team of experienced attorneys offers practical advice and comprehensive solutions to help our clients protect their intellectual property rights and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Our attorneys have a wide breadth of experience in copyright, online and social media infringement, and other intellectual property matters. Haug Partners offers strategic counseling on copyright registration, and its attorneys work with clients on strategies to procure copyright protection for their content and to maximize the value of the copyrighted works through registration, licensing, and sales and acquisition of those works. Our team also advises our clients on questions regarding infringement and unauthorized use of copyrighted content, including issues that may arise with respect to a client’s terms of service on an online platform, fair use of a copyright, and use and infringement of copyrighted content. Haug Partners’ Copyright team also provides counseling involving copyrighted content, including for transactions, agreements, and terms of service. Our team has counseled clients on all types of copyright agreements, including assignments, confidentiality agreements, work-made-for-hire agreements, licenses, and settlement agreements, and has served as lead counsel in the negotiation and drafting of these types of agreements. Our attorneys work to implement creative, client-specific solutions and are aware of the growing risk to businesses of online copyright infringement. Our Copyright team has particular experience in the area of e-commerce and online marketplace enforcement, and we defend our clients’ intellectual property rights against unauthorized uses and online infringement and have experience in legal issues arising under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Haug Partners’ Copyright team works closely with our clients who own copyrighted content to protect their ownership interests, and works to ensure that our clients acquiring copyrighted content obtain the necessary rights to achieve their business objectives. Our attorneys represent both domestic and international clients, including famous brands and market leaders from a diverse range of industries like technology, fashion, retail, automotive, consumer goods, software, hospitality, entertainment, and media. Our experience in a range of sectors allows our attorneys to tailor client-specific strategies taking into account relevant industry considerations.




  • Copyright prosecution and enforcement
  • Intellectual property procurement & strategy
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Licensing and transactions
  • Copyright litigation