Due Diligence & Investigations


At Haug Partners, we understand the value of a strong intellectual property and regulatory strategy, and we aim to help our clients realize the maximum value of their intellectual property, achieve the longest possible exclusivity in the relevant markets, and avoid costly litigation by skillfully conducting due diligence. We take pride in immersing ourselves in the relevant technology to identify critical issues, and we have the resources and experience to deliver on the most urgent and time-sensitive due diligence projects. Our team includes patent attorneys and scientific advisors with advanced degrees in technical fields who can perform due diligence investigations on behalf of sophisticated biopharmaceutical and technology companies. Our combined patent, FDA, and litigation expertise allows us to serve our clients in a seamless and efficient manner, and our multifaceted expertise enables us to provide our clients with legal advice tailored to their business objectives. Clients for whom we have conducted due diligence range from startups to luxury automotive companies to some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Haug Partners has extensive expertise conducting due diligences and is regularly called upon to advise in corporate mergers and acquisitions and the sale or licensing of intellectual property assets. Our recent achievements include leading a due diligence investigation that related to one of the world’s largest cross-border pharmaceutical mergers and acquisitions to date.




  • Merger & acquisition due diligence
  • Intellectual property purchasing & licensing due diligence
  • Due diligence assessments of patent & trademark portfolios
  • Regulatory due diligence
  • Pharmaceutical life cycle management