Haug Partners Hosts Externs from the Reilly Program at the BOLD Center at Douglass College, Rutgers University

Each summer for one week Haug Partners hosts two externs from the Reilly Program at the BOLD Center at Douglass for Advancing Women’s Professional Development.  The Reilly Program offers a specialized professional development curriculum alongside an immersive workplace experience known as an externship. Through multidisciplinary real-world problems, exposure to global trends, new forms of organizational development, and innovative forms of leadership, the Reilly Program at the BOLD Center at Douglass advances the career preparation and vision of Douglass students.  At Haug Partners the Reilly Program externs shadow our summer associates in various training programs so that the externs may gain an understanding of the skills required of attorneys.  They also meet one-on-one with associates to obtain first-hand knowledge of life as an attorney in private practice.

In June 2023, Haug Partners had the pleasure of hosting Margareta Lu and Valeria Monsalve as externs from the Reilly Program.

Margareta Lu is a rising sophomore at Rutgers University and a member of Douglass College, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Statistics.  She is chair of the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG), where she works on environmental and social campaigns and on growing student activism and civic engagement.

Valeria Monsalve is a rising sophomore at Rutgers Honors College and a student in Douglass College, where she is pursuing degrees in both English and Gender Studies. She is a participant in the Institute for Women’s Leadership Scholars Certificate Program, a two-year selective certificate program that prepares Rutgers female undergraduates to be informed and innovative leaders in their prospective fields of work. She is also one of two representatives for the Class of 2026 in the Douglass Governing Council.