Risk Management After COVID-19

June 8, 2020

On Friday, June 5, Chairman Ed Haug joined fellow panelists Eileen McDonnell and Michael Montelongo in discussing risk management in the wake of the onset of COVID-19. The conference was hosted by Directors & Boards and we thank the 600+ participants for spending their afternoon in an interesting and lively discussion.


Eileen McDonnell
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company


Michael Montelongo
President & CEO, GRC Advisory Services LLC


Ed Haug
Chairman, Haug Partners LLP

What lessons can be learned from COVID-19? Many companies and professionals did not see this pandemic coming, and were stunned with how this crisis changed the world.

This webinar analyzed what capabilities our government has to protect companies from legal liability, how contingency plans alleviate the damage of natural and man-made disasters, and what steps businesses can take to try and avoid complete shutdowns in the future.

You can view the slides here, and listen to the webinar here: