Getting to Know Haug Partners

Positioning itself for the future, as it has done throughout the course of its existence, Haug Partners LLP continues to evolve, meeting the needs of its clients and the challenges facing the legal community.  Though much has changed since we opened our doors in 1997, our commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity in servicing our clients’ needs has not wavered.  Originally established in New York City on the traditional intellectual property practices of patent prosecution and litigation, the firm has grown and redefined its practice areas so that it now encompasses various areas of law to complement its founding areas of expertise.  Our geographic expansion into Washington, D.C. and West Palm Beach reflects that growth into a full-service intellectual property practice.

The mission of Haug Partners over its 25+ year history has been to provide synthesized, multidisciplinary legal services for life-science and technology businesses. Our size, structure, and technical capabilities allow us to seamlessly assimilate our various specialties, thus efficiently assisting our clients in the creation, expansion, and protection of their intellectual property.  We align product, patent, regulatory, and commercial life-cycle strategies with the timelines, business goals, and resources of those we represent. Our personalized guidance has been a hallmark of how we address our clients’ objectives.

Haug Partners delivers added value by assembling a multidisciplinary team tailored to each client’s needs that thoroughly analyzes a matter, develops a comprehensive legal strategy, and then delivers an integrated solution. We continue to be second to none in the areas of intellectual property preparation, procurement, and litigation. Our expanded and redefined service offerings include: FDA compliance; antitrust litigation and counseling; due diligence; international trade commission actions; commercial investigations, compliance, risk mitigation, and litigation; licensing and transactions; and trademarks & unfair competition.

Haug Partners’ strength resides in its people. We have attorneys and advisors with advanced degrees in specialized technical fields and extensive industry experience. Our team includes former research scientists, in-house corporate counsel, government attorneys, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office examiners, and U.S. Patent and Trial Appeal Board judges. Our core practice area since our inception has been the life sciences, where we have represented clients in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, medical device, and cosmetic space.  Through our expansion, we now work across a broad range of industries, including in the aerospace, automotive, information technology, e-commerce, consumer electronics, telecommunications, energy, semiconductors, financial services, and insurance sectors. We assist clients from the inception of an idea through commercialization and next-generation planning. Our technical expertise, legal acumen, and business judgment enables us to consistently deliver optimal outcomes.

Haug Partners values contribution to the legal community through service in bar and industry associations, including the Federal Circuit Bar Association, the Licensing Executive Society, ChIPs, International Trademark Association, Intellectual Property Organization, Patent Trial and Appeal Board, BIO International, NJBIO, and the Food and Drug Law Institute. Our frontline involvement in these organizations allows us to influence law and policy to the benefit of our profession.  We also participate in numerous pro bono organizations, including Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, the Innocence Project, the Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program, New Jersey Patent Rules Committee, and the New York City Corporation Counsel.  The firm has assisted pro bono clients in matters that include administrative proceedings before the federal government and at all levels of the court system, including before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Haug Partners is conscious of the dynamic environment of intellectual property, whether stemming from precedential court decisions, developing agency guidelines,  or game-changing bills passed by Congress.  However, we recognize that the marketplace and the factors that influence our clients’ assets are global. To protect these assets worldwide, Haug Partners has developed and maintains close working partnerships with law firms in Germany, the United Kingdom, China, and Japan.  We collaborate with all of our clients to provide comprehensive legal strategies consistent with the global, ever-changing legal, regulatory, and commercial environment in which are they operate.